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Seberyakov Viktor
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Advertisement is one of the key factors for healthy economics and technological progress. And Internet advertisement has the biggest market share in this segment. With help of affiliate marketing, merchant can choose target audience more effectively than using TV or radio and can gather more detailed information about his ads.
This thesis will cover theoretical aspects and practical realization of online affiliate system. Application will consist of two main parts:
* API module (written in Scala). This module will handle communication with merchants
* Presentation module (website written in PHP). Website that allow users to register, login, manage they campaigns, refferals and view statistics.
Realization will include following core parts:
User management (users, roles, permissions)
Multilingual support (new languages can be added in runtime)
Request handler (handle all data requests from merchant sites)
Merchant module (settings, statistics, affiliate material creation)
Publisher module (statistics, interaction with merchant)
Payment module (integration with PayPal)
Main differences from major online affiliate programs:
1) Fully customizable CPA (cost per action). Merchant can specify any action (click, sell, registration, vote, etc, etc)
2) No database changes. Usually affiliate system requires to store some data (publisher ID, campaign ID, etc) when customer with cookies execute some action that requires confirmation from another user (e.g customer bought product and moderator confirms it)
3) Additional roles for merchants that allow them to give access to account for developers or managers
4) API for built-in partner account on merchant website